Proud Moment!!

I have been mentoring people with disabilities in Photography for nearly four years now.  Seeing one of my clients start TAFE on Thursday was one of my most proudest moments of my career so far.

Chrissy lives with cerebral palsy with very limited movement. When I first started working with her nearly four years ago, she had only just started to express her creative side with the help of my partner Anthony.  Since than she has achieved so much more than she ever thought possible including exhibiting her work in local galleries.

Now she is enrolled in Certificate iii in Design Fundamentals to further her knowledge and creativity, and to experience what it’s like to study in an adult educational environment.

She could not stop smiling all day!

Chrissy Coffee

Chrissy getting her coffee fix before class

Chrissy Creating

Enjoying Class!

Chrissy hard at work

Hard at work!


Explore the Possibilities School Leavers Expo.

Yesterday was fun and it was great to meet lots of awesome people. “The Unseen Machine” was very popular and people really loved the experience.

We really enjoyed meeting lots of fun and interesting  people especially the kids transitioning from school. The Rant crew hope to work with some of them next year.

A big thank you to Karina and Co as well as everyone that worked so hard to make yesterday such a success!


The canvas has been created! After a few weeks of exploring more on abstract photography, creating a  mixed media piece and experimenting what works and does not. Stage one complete.

Chrissy has really enjoyed this process and has started to look at putting material together, to create a scene for a photo shoot and she is really starting to explore different types of abstract photography, as it is broad genre.

I look forward to next week’s session, to start to take photos and see how her creative mind comes to the fore.


2016 - 2




2016 - 1

Let the fun begin!

SEE Class Photography Workshop.

I had the pleasure of hosting a photography workshop with the SEE class which Nortec runs, this week. It was a lot of fun and I really enjoyed mentoring the students.

The day consisted of exploring basic composition, which includes the lesson of the Rule of Thirds and looking at different ways to take the photo. It is what everyone should understand when learning photography. I suggested not to stand at eye level to get the shot but to  move around, squat down, lie down and look at how many different ways there are to capture an image.

The other aspect of the day was a Photo Safari. The group chose some interesting words and phrases  such as triangle, texture and eyes. The object was to take photos that represent those things, in a creative way.  The Photo Safari challenged the students  and the results were amazing.  For example Karen found a Dragon’s eye in a paper bark tree which made a fantastic photograph.

The day was very enjoyable and I really liked working with the class and I am looking forward to working with them in the future.


Steve thinking outside the square.



Having fun being creative.




Lunch Time!


What is Greg up to?

Vision 2- Exhibition.

Vision 2 ends this Sunday 8th of May. It has been an honour to be part of this exhibition and showing my work with such talented photographers.

If you have not checked out it I  highly recommend to do so. Natsky, the owner of Fox Photo Den, has created an amazing space and it is loooking great.

“The Unseen Machine” that my partner and I have created has been very popular and it is a sensory experience like no other.

This photo is my favourite one of “The Unseen Machine”.


Three generations at play



I Love My Job!

I have the most enjoyable job that anyone could have. I get to be creative everyday with amazing people. I mentor people with disabilities in photography. Today I want to share with you one of the highlights. It is so rewarding to be  part of assisting one of the young ladies and  being able to explore her creativity and watching her achieve so much in such a short period of time. I feel very proud of her.

I have been working with her for around two and half years and she has limited mobility. Her sense of wanting to learn and create is incredible. We are working on creating an abstract canvas (Mixed Media) then will take photos of it in a creative way.  She even used scissors for the first time in her life, cutting out pieces of cardboard to stick on the canvas.

Stay tuned to see the final creation.


2016 - 1

Let the fun begin!

2016 - 1-1

That Smile!

2016 - 1-2

It is so amazing to see her paint and enjoy it.

2016 - 1-3

The first stage done! I am so proud of her and what she achieves.