Rachael Windress standing in front of her abstract photographs at the opening of the NMIT exhibition.

Rachael Windress

Fine Art Photographer

I am a fine art photographer passionate about creating dynamic, non-­‐figurative, in-­‐camera illusions. My images have been captured using interesting objects, experimental and fibre optic lighting and gels, unique perspectives and exposures, and my own passion, in a controlled environment.

These dynamic images, with elements of intrigue and surprise, are true photographs, not digitally-­‐manipulated images. I believe that the camera is a powerful tool and with the right expertise has unlimited potential. I use PhotoShop as my digital dark room rather than to create a digitally enhanced image.

I enjoy the process of experimenting with different concepts to create my intriguing images, combining colour, form and texture with the play of light on and through my object to produce unconventional photography. My creative practice is strongly focused on the use of material objects which exist in our immediate, physical world.

My art has always been multi-­‐layered. I want to challenge the viewer to look deeply into the image. By obscuring the simple items in the photo through abstraction, the viewer is immersed in an optical illusion which can create different meanings for different people. I hope that the viewer delves deeply into my images, and questions and interprets their own emotional responses.

As this year begins I am eagerly looking forward to exploring and creating more of my illusions.

My desire is that you will enjoy my work and be inspired by it.