I Love My Job!

I have the most enjoyable job that anyone could have. I get to be creative everyday with amazing people. I mentor people with disabilities in photography. Today I want to share with you one of the highlights. It is so rewarding to be  part of assisting one of the young ladies and  being able to explore her creativity and watching her achieve so much in such a short period of time. I feel very proud of her.

I have been working with her for around two and half years and she has limited mobility. Her sense of wanting to learn and create is incredible. We are working on creating an abstract canvas (Mixed Media) then will take photos of it in a creative way.  She even used scissors for the first time in her life, cutting out pieces of cardboard to stick on the canvas.

Stay tuned to see the final creation.


2016 - 1

Let the fun begin!

2016 - 1-1

That Smile!

2016 - 1-2

It is so amazing to see her paint and enjoy it.

2016 - 1-3

The first stage done! I am so proud of her and what she achieves.

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