Explore The Possibilities Expo.

My partner and I were part of the “Explore The Possibilities Expo”, held at Ballina, NSW. This is a showcase of the services provided in the disabilities industry for school leavers living with disabilities, to explore their options after leaving school. Karina, owner of Karina and Co, organised the event.


We work in the disability industry mentoring people in the creative world with one-on-one and group sessions.


Our role at the expo was to create an interactive space that displayed our creative work and mentoring strategies. We had the “Unseen Machine” which is an interactive musical instrument where participants wear special glasses to view their audio creations on a monitor. As soon as they put on the glasses some of my images come to the fore and you can then manipulate them by touching or holding metal bars and knobs. The images move and warp based on the sound waves created by the player. Conceptually the machine represents how we judge people so quickly yet can often find deeper beauty by looking at things through a different lens. We also displayed some of our work which we do with our guys just to show what is achievable in our sessions.


My big role for the day was demonstrating abstract  macro photography while shooting live onto a TV screen. We set up a workstation for everyone to have a go and experiment using milk, oil and food dye. It was so much fun and the people were loving being able to create their own abstract landscapes and take a photo on their mobile phone to take with them.


Engaging and inspiring the people around me was amazing. I thoroughly enjoyed meeting and assisting them in being creative and expressing themselves in a way new to them. Everyone was very positive and I had people lining up to have a go.


I am so fortunate to be able to do what I do and to inspire people around me and for them to inspire me.


I love my job!



Amazing work created by a participate


Amazing work Created by a participate


These guys were awesome people. Very creative.


Time to create!!!


My office for the day.


My Creation.


My Creation.


My Creation.


My Creation.


The Unseen Machine


What an awesome day!


Client gets accepted into NRCG’s gift store!!!

One of my clients with whom I have been working with for the past three years, mentoring her in photography, is now producing her own  place mats, coasters, cards, mugs, bookmarks, and photo frames. She transfers her own unique photography onto each of them using a sublimation printer resulting in amazing products.  I find her progress so rewarding.


On Friday we had a meeting with the Northern Rivers Community Gallery in Ballina with the view of selling her work in their gift shop. The interview went very well with the Gallery accepting more work than we had expected.


I am so proud of her and it’s days like today which really makes me realize why I love my job so much. I am so lucky to have these opportunities and enjoy striving to do my best and to assist my clients to achieve their goals with every opportunity which comes their way. I also enjoy creating those opportunities for my clients.






Courtney’s First Exhibition!!

One of my clients has exhibited in her first exhibition. It is part of the Lismore Women’s Festival, celebrating  the creative women in our region and I feel that this is a very appropriate venue for her first exhibition.

The opening night was a huge success with lots of people there to celebrate our beautiful, creative women.

I am very proud of my client and really enjoyed exhibiting alongside her.

To be able to share this experience with someone that I have been working closely with for the past few years, mentoring her in photography, is why I work in this industry. Helping my clients to achieve goals which they never thought possible is an amazing feeling.

This exhibition is at Serpentine Gallery, 17A Bridge Street, North Lismore and runs until the 19th of March.

I highly recommend visiting this exhibition to view all of these amazing works of art.


Courtney at her exhibition.

Courtney with her photo at her exhibition!

Coldstream Gallery.

Coldstream Gallery  is a beautiful gallery with a wide range of art that includes glass sculptures, paintings, and woodwork, to name a few. Everywhere you look there is something different to see and admire.

They are situated in the quirky old town Ulmarra, N.S.W, just near Grafton.  The owners, Marc and Steve, are lovely people and passionate about the arts.

I have the honour of having two of my photos hung there until May.

If you enjoy art and antiques and don’t mind a lazy meal out the back of a pub by the river I highly recommend a visit.







Proud Moment!!

I have been mentoring people with disabilities in Photography for nearly four years now.  Seeing one of my clients start TAFE on Thursday was one of my most proudest moments of my career so far.

Chrissy lives with cerebral palsy with very limited movement. When I first started working with her nearly four years ago, she had only just started to express her creative side with the help of my partner Anthony.  Since than she has achieved so much more than she ever thought possible including exhibiting her work in local galleries.

Now she is enrolled in Certificate iii in Design Fundamentals to further her knowledge and creativity, and to experience what it’s like to study in an adult educational environment.

She could not stop smiling all day!

Chrissy Coffee

Chrissy getting her coffee fix before class

Chrissy Creating

Enjoying Class!

Chrissy hard at work

Hard at work!


Explore the Possibilities School Leavers Expo.

Yesterday was fun and it was great to meet lots of awesome people. “The Unseen Machine” was very popular and people really loved the experience.

We really enjoyed meeting lots of fun and interesting  people especially the kids transitioning from school. The Rant crew hope to work with some of them next year.

A big thank you to Karina and Co as well as everyone that worked so hard to make yesterday such a success!