Christmas Market- Nordegg Canada.

The Christmas market in Nordegg was a lot of fun yesterday. There were 23 store holders selling all different things from food to craft.

I really enjoyed meeting the other vendors and making new connections. There is definitely a sense of a strong community.

Jen and I had a big day talking to lots of people and getting a lot of interest in both our work that we create. We absolutely love creating and days like this make us feel so good as we are sharing our passion with other like minded people and being inspired from them as well.

I also liked the home made food made by Cheri for lunch. It gave a real sense of community. It always feels good when you know your money is going back into the people you meet.

Although my time here is coming to an end. I really felt like the community has welcomed me into it and I feel a little sad to leave but I know my next part of my trip is going to be a lot of fun with many more experiences and people to meet.





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