What an Experience.

I was recently in Quebec City in Canada where I came across a glass shop called Three Crow Glass and I was in awe as I walked in.


The first thing I noticed was a lady sitting at the front of the shop creating her glass sculptures using a blow torch. We started talking about what she was creating and about my Fine Art Photography and how a lot of my photography is inspired by glass, particularly glass balls. The next thing I knew I was having my own private class with two of the other Glass artist in their studio at the rear of their shop, complete with a kiln.


It was one of the highlights of my trip. To be able to share my passion with other artists and with them sharing their skills and passion with me. I learnt so much about how the glass balls are internally sculptured and now have a new connection for my work.


I would recommend this experience to anyone visiting Quebec. I love meeting other artists and sharing our skill sets and passion.  These guys were truly remarkable.



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