Explore The Possibilities Expo.

My partner and I were part of the “Explore The Possibilities Expo”, held at Ballina, NSW. This is a showcase of the services provided in the disabilities industry for school leavers living with disabilities, to explore their options after leaving school. Karina, owner of Karina and Co, organised the event.


We work in the disability industry mentoring people in the creative world with one-on-one and group sessions.


Our role at the expo was to create an interactive space that displayed our creative work and mentoring strategies. We had the “Unseen Machine” which is an interactive musical instrument where participants wear special glasses to view their audio creations on a monitor. As soon as they put on the glasses some of my images come to the fore and you can then manipulate them by touching or holding metal bars and knobs. The images move and warp based on the sound waves created by the player. Conceptually the machine represents how we judge people so quickly yet can often find deeper beauty by looking at things through a different lens. We also displayed some of our work which we do with our guys just to show what is achievable in our sessions.


My big role for the day was demonstrating abstract  macro photography while shooting live onto a TV screen. We set up a workstation for everyone to have a go and experiment using milk, oil and food dye. It was so much fun and the people were loving being able to create their own abstract landscapes and take a photo on their mobile phone to take with them.


Engaging and inspiring the people around me was amazing. I thoroughly enjoyed meeting and assisting them in being creative and expressing themselves in a way new to them. Everyone was very positive and I had people lining up to have a go.


I am so fortunate to be able to do what I do and to inspire people around me and for them to inspire me.


I love my job!



Amazing work created by a participate


Amazing work Created by a participate


These guys were awesome people. Very creative.


Time to create!!!


My office for the day.


My Creation.


My Creation.


My Creation.


My Creation.


The Unseen Machine


What an awesome day!

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